CIDESCO Virtual Make-up & Body Art Competition 2021


Registration type:



  • Will be given to First, Second, and Third winners
  • All participants will receive a Digital Certificate of Attendance of CIDESCO’s Makeup and Body Art Competition 


Menggunakan Background polos dan Kandidat memberikan musik mereka sendiri yang telah mereka pilih untuk melengkapi presentasi membacakan sinopsis. Presentasi maksimal lebih dari 2 menit.


”The Beauty of Tropical Paradise”

Participants need to prepare these following things:

  • Workspace of 2m x 2m
  • Chair and table
  • Trash bin
  • Model
  • Assistant to help navigate the camera
  • 2 cameras (Handphone/Webcam)
  • Background music
  • Tripod
  • Ring light
  • Product & Tools
  • Stable Internet Connection

COMPETITION RULES – Duration: 5 hours


  1. Provide a short synopsis in English in PDF format on 3 September 2021 before the competition.
  2. Camera must be on stand-by throughout the competition
  3. Send the scanned sketch at 6 – 7 am Western Indonesia Time on the day of the competition
  4. After the competition is over, participants immediately document the results of their make-up with photos of the front, back, left and right sides, then send to the Committee’s WhatsApp Number.
  5. Every participant must wear black tops and bottoms and shoes
  6. Make-up must be applied to clean, moisturized skin. Eyelashes must not be applied in advance
  7. The model’s hair must be done before the competition starts
  8. The provision of accessories is done in the competition
  9. Only models, participants & participant assistants are allowed to be around the area
  10. Participants must work independently; models or other people are not allowed to help participants
  11. Airbrush techniques are not allowed
  12. Nudity is not allowed
  13.  Contestants must agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the CIDESCO World Make-up & Body Art Competition. On behalf of the Board of Directors of CIDESCO International, the Jury makes the final decision.
  14. After registration, participants must sign a consent form granting CIDESCO International the copyright for the photographs taken during the event.
  15. Contestants prepare one Camera / webcam that can be connected with zoom with the camera position taking an angle of the entire participant’s work area.
  16. Contestants prepare one Camera mobile / Camera cell phone that can be connected with zoom, to take details of the participants’ make up designs.
  17. After the make-up is finished, the participants immediately send the makeup results to the committee:

• In the form of photos from the position of the model’s entire body (with poses) front, back, right side and left side. The background of the photo is plain and the lighting is adjusted when taking the photo. The photos are sure to be clear and not blurry.

• Participants do a live catwalk and demonstrate the results of the make-up design accompanied by music according to the theme with a maximum duration of 2 minutes


Dian Neviana


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