CIDESCO BeautyBiz Webinar


✨ The CIDESCO Signature Treatment

Presented & Demonstrated by: 
Jacqueline Kennedy
CIDESCO International Business Development Officer

This Signature Treatment is aimed at assisting therapists in offering the very best in treatment excellence, creating a lasting impression for our clients.

The CIDESCO signature treatment will be brand neutral allowing the therapists to use in conjunction with their own product houses the ability to demonstrate their outstanding skills. Involving the therapist on a physical and emotional level, the treatment enables them to demonstrate their excellent massage skills, professional expertise and client care with the aim of exceeding  all expectations.

✨ BeautyBiz Panel Discussion

In this pandemic era, we know the world is changing, as is the beauty and spa industry. 

The fast-changing world requires companies to be agile in dealing with it.

Many beauty and spa industries are struggling to recover their business. Given such a changing industry landscape, companies are recovering with various adjustments. The acceleration of digitization, remote working, changes in customer behaviour, generational development, and so on require changes to adapt.

We are now entering a new workspace that is no longer the same as the workspace during the pre-pandemic. Can no longer use the old way for new things. What about the beauty and spa industry in your country ?

The panelists:
✨Ms. Lianywati Batihalim
President CIDESCO section Indonesia

✨Ms. Anna-Cari Gund
Honorary President CIDESCO International
Managing director Raison d’Etre
CIDESCO International Examiner

✨Ms. Dianne Miles
Honorary member CIDESCO International
CIDESCO International school owner
CIDESCO International Examiner

✨ Mr. Santosh Sapke
CIDESCO International multiple school owner
CIDESCO International Examiner
CIDESCO International PR Committee Member

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